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New job: how to behave in an interview

Congratulations, you’ve been invited for an interview. This will most likely be a stressful event, because the employer today uses unusual interviewing techniques that are quite difficult to prepare for. Use our tips to feel confident and avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to answer difficult questions

Some employers love to ask tricky or bizarre questions, such as “how do you get water with a sieve?”, “If you were an animal, what kind?” Those who ask the first question are looking for a free-thinking candidate who can quickly find connections between things. “They’re not testing you to get the right answer. They care about your line of reasoning, ”says career consultant John Lees. So if you were asked how many liters of milk would be required to fill the Cathedral of Christ the Savior with it, you need to start reasoning out loud: “The temple is about such and such a height and such and such a length, in cubic meters it is about that much, so this will require, for example, about a thousand liters of milk. ” It doesn’t matter if you are close or far from the truth, the employer needs to see that you have taken on this difficult task with ease. The second type of animal questions is designed to test your sense of humor and adaptability. So you should take them up with a light heart. And even if what you answer means nothing at all, a little wit will not hurt.

How to pass the second stage of the interview

You passed the first interview, now the second is waiting for you – this indicates that your position is really strong. Before the second interview, John Lees advises to make inquiries. Find out who will be interviewing you, what the focus of the interview will be, and what needs to be prepared for it. Typically, the first interview is conducted by an HR officer who asks general questions. And at the second, your potential boss will already be present, who will be able to competently check your competence and talk about your potential responsibilities. If you can find out what comments the company had about the previous applicant, it will be easier for you to prepare and immediately understand how to behave and what not to say in order to get this job.

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How to complete the group challenge

In some cases, the employer conducts group testing. You are placed in a group of the same applicants and given the same task. Often the observer will remain with you in the room. “It tests the level of cooperation, interaction, control and influence. You may be afraid that you are not suitable for this position, that you need to redo everything not only in your behavior, but also in your personality in order to achieve success. However, in reality, even if you can move 5 or 10%, it will give you an advantage, ”says Liz.

If an employer is looking for a wide range of professional skills, not just leadership skills, for example, finding a balance is the best option. Show that you can think, but at the same time, you are a moderate extrovert. Or demonstrate that you can lead the group, but at the same time let others speak up, in a word, you are in the group with everyone as a participant. This will prevent your employer from dismissing you as being too quiet or too domineering.

How to behave outside the office

Today we are used to doing everything on the run. A potential boss who is too busy may suggest that you interview outside the office, for example, at a cafe for lunch. Or even invite you for a drink after work. The main rule in such situations is by no means relax and do not forget that you are still in the interview, and your professional skills are being rigorously evaluated. Don’t order too much or too little, or tell a lot of personal stories – outside of the office interviews are more relaxed, but don’t be fooled. And if the interviewer laughs a lot, is in a favorable mood, this does not mean at all that he is disposed towards you, and it is you who will get this job.

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