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Top 5 Things to Do After the Interview

After the interview, it seems that the hardest part is over – at breyntizery responded recruiter made a good compliment and even salary discussed. But in fact, the most nervous ahead of time – waiting for solutions. To brighten up the expectation and even change your mind about yourself (for the better, of course), carry out a thorough job after the interview. This article will explain what to do.


More on the interview it is important to check with the recruiter few questions:

  • What are the next stages of selection;
  • Do you tell the recruiter, if you do not pass the selection;
  • If you’ll come to them, how long you will be contacted;
  • As it’s best to contact a recruiter in case of questions.

If you asked these questions in an interview – cool, you have more information at hand. Now tell how to behave after the interview.

Do not bother

Some folded with activity: flooded with recruiters letters with questions or gratitude, keep ringing the phone, added to the friends in all social networks. Moderate fervor and before you write another letter to the recruiter, think about whether it would not be superfluous.

Thank the recruiter

A couple of hours after the interview, you can write a short message or email recruiters. Thank you for your time, provided a chance and pleasant communication. The main principles – honestly, briefly and without much pomp.

To convince you that a letter of thanks – a really important thing to give some figures. 56%Employers perceive the lack of thank-you letter as a lack of interest in the vacancy and22%executives surveyed admitted that they are unlikely to take on the work of those who have not sent such a letter.

Write a follow-up letter

Follow-up letters to recruiters usually write a couple of days after the interview. These are supplemented by letters of thanks. In follow-up letter can be reminded once again of himself, to say something that neglected to mention during the interview.


To decide on the hiring, the candidate takes time. Maybe you will discover the secret, but it is very often not the final decision for a recruiter – the scales outweighs the opinion of the head of a department or other professionals. Therefore it is not crazy if there is no news from the recruiter for a couple of days. The larger the company, the longer it may take the approval of the new candidate. If you have done everything that we could wait about 7-10 days and then again write to the recruiter.


Ask to give feedback

If you were not selected and the recruiter has the courage to tell you about it, do not lose heart and finally ask for feedback. Ask to tell what your hand like a recruiter, and over which he would advise working – it is important to understand your weaknesses. If the recruiter will give sensible advice and honestly tell the reasons for refusal, provide invaluable information for further work on yourself. And do not be discouraged in any case, the refusal – not the end of the world, it should just survive.


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