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Top 5 Questions That Will Ask the Employer During the Interview


Changing jobs for everyone, regardless of their stress – a difficult situation. In order to become an employee of a good company, it is necessary to seriously prepare for the interview. Much attention is now paid to the personal qualities of the applicant. The success of the interview contributes to both the personal charm of the candidate and his professional knowledge and achievements, his outlook, the ability to cope with difficulties and even his hobbies. Also, be prepared to go through several stages of interviews: from the HR-specialist to the head, in serious offices may be asked to undergo a lie detector, in order to avoid leakage of business information.

To the questions asked during the interview, the applicant did not put in a blind alley, we give those who ask almost 100% of the employers.

  1. Tell us about yourself

This phrase is sure to sound at the beginning of the conversation.
It is vital to make the right start – tell all the positive moments was the adoption of your candidacy, as opposed to competitors. That is the answer to a question, you must prove that you are much more professional and more successful than any other candidate for the position. It is not necessary to go into too much detail and tell all their ins and outs, since kindergarten.

However, it is impossible to submit information is very short and dry, counting on the fact that everything is written in the summary. Each proposal, what you say, should bear the enthusiasm and desire to work. This question can be set with a view to evaluating the writing style, the true desires and life priorities of the candidate for the position.

The answer has to sound confident and complete, and it should not be delayed for the time longer than 2-3 minutes. Never end your answer another question: “What else do you know?”. the employer will ask himself if necessary.

Responding to a question, be sure to explain:
• Received formation which University terminated (if it prestigious institution);
• Experience (in its absence, you can describe an internship during their studies);
• Successes and skills;
• The winning traits;
• Own evaluation of the prospects for employment in the company;
• Focus on the continuation of a career in this company.


  1. Tell us about your shortcomings

Portray themselves as the ideal man does not make sense, do not believe it.

The secret to a successful response: to turn their weaknesses into advantages (at least in words). Zagotovte clear answers to the question, focusing on the fact that the deficiencies will not be reflected in future work.

You can specify some of the true weakness that does not interfere with professionalism. For example, for a teacher of higher mathematics is not wrong to say that it is not well mastered a foreign language, but aims to fill this gap.

About serious deficiencies should be the silent, otherwise coveted position of cute smiles and get to another applicant.


  1. Why did you leave your last job

At this point manifest special diplomacy.
You can not criticize the former boss of its methods of work with subordinates, to respond negatively about the past of the team. We do not talk about very little money, this issue mention in passing. Otherwise, the question “How much do you plan to get a new place?” You can not call the real amount of remuneration, which had been counted.

Among other things, the employer considers a priori that should find a job, and a lot of professionals will come running with a desire to work in his company nearly one idea. Much depends on the interviewer how he perceives the answers. Be a psychologist, if you want to win this game.


  1. What kind of salary do you expect

Do not underestimate self-esteem, even if you are in dire need of work.

Call it a reward, which had been counted. Calmly tell the amount of 15-20% higher than the same salary, it may be possible to increase by 30%.


  1. Why did you choose our company

Here vital pre-treatment: study history of the company, its website, products, priorities, gather all the information you can get. This question will be asked in any interview be sure. Emphasize the achievements of the company, it’s ranking.

If the company is young, and she had nothing more to boast, stop on its prospects (the study of the market segment in which the company specializes), emphasize that you want to take part in the formation of the company and its consolidation in the market. About the benefits for themselves may be mentioned in passing, it is better if you ask (high wages, proximity to home, and so on).

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