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TOP 5 Best Places in the World of Work, of Which Many Dream

When it comes to the tester profession, the first thing that comes to mind – a boring and routine work of software testing in order to find possible errors and malfunctions. But it turns out, the profession can be a real treat. In our review of 5 of the most unusual places of work related to testing, which would work by many.

strange jobs

1. The superintendent of the island

34-year-old Ben Southall of Britain Petersfield won the competition for the post, claimed by 35 000 candidates from around the world. What is the work that both wanted to get thousands of people? Briton in the next six months will be to live on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef, to blog, post photos and video reports. For this luxury vacation it also will pay $ 111,000.

To stay the caretaker of a tropical island provide the free villa with three bedrooms and a swimming pool.
Before Southall got the job, he had to spend four days on the island as a trial period. As it was swimming in a pool of crystal clear water during this time you need to eat a barbecue on the beach and relax in the spa. he also needed to demonstrate their skills in blogging.

2. The tester beds

The 22-year-old student from the University of Birmingham found her dream job. Sleeping on the job and the opportunity to lie in bed longer is now no longer a problem for Roisin Medigen, which took on the position of the tester beds. Girl pays £ 1,000 for the fact that every day she goes to sleep in designer beds Savoir, which are sold by Simon Horn Ltd.

3. Tester water slides

Tommy Lynch envy of any office worker. His job – to ride the water slides. 29 letniyLinch works for an entertainment company First Choice. He is responsible for checking the height, speed, water volume and quality of splashdown, as well as all aspects of the safety of water slides. For the year, he checked on the hill resorts of Lanzarote, Majorca, Egypt, Turkey, Costa del Sol, Cyprus, Algarve, Dominican Republic and Mexico, traveling 15 thousand. Km.

4. Professional Testing prostitutes

Jaime Raskone, a former DJ and model, somehow lost his job. But the Chilean did not assume that he will be able to find it – Jaime got to check the quality of service in a brothel.

Girls who want to get into the cabin VIP escort Fayorelly Kompenayons in Santiago must pass an interview, psychological testing, as well as a photo shoot. Qualifiers and the girls ‘tests’ of aptitude Jaime. For each girl, he does report how she moves her hips, whether her moans and so realistic. Jaime just testing around seventy girls a year.

5. A blogger wine-taster

On the northern coast of California, there are more than 450 wineries. Duties Hardy Wallace, who accepted a job in the wine company Murphy-Goode Winery, suggest that every day he has to taste the new wines and share their experiences on Facebook and Twitter. In a month he is paid $ 10,000.

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