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You want to interview successful? You have the opportunity not only to make a good first impression of themselves, but also to leave a positive recently.

Coco Chanel was right: “You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.” But the last impression in the interview is no less important than the first.

Who does not want to support the employer’s interest in his candidacy in order to get a good job? These few tips will help you.

  1. Questions

Before you go for an interview, be prepared: study group. Come on time, answer the questions a recruiter. At the end, when you are given a chance to ask questions, do not give up. The answer is “no”, you show that you are not interested in the company, the nuances of the work.

Even if your resume is perfect, and you have a great answer to all the questions, the answer is no at the end, you have reduced your chances of getting a job. Do not miss the chance to ask questions.

Several variants:

How will the working day?

By what criteria will evaluate the success of the operation?

What challenges are waiting for the worker at the beginning?

Try to ask questions that require full answers.

  1. The next step

After the end of the interview, before he left, find the desired contact information: name of the HR-specialist or the person who will decide whether you will take a job or not.

Ask when you call back. You can offer to call back the most, but do not be too pushy. Unfortunately, it happens that the promise to call back – and do not call. And you reject another proposal, waiting for an answer. Therefore it is better to know who to call.

  1. Enthusiasm

Learning the necessary contact information, and get answers to questions, be sure to thank you for your time. Show your enthusiasm and desire to work in this company. “Thank you for the meeting and answered questions. Now I realized that my knowledge and skills match the job. I wanted to do this project. ”

  1. End the transaction

After thanks activate the courage and ask, what are your chances. Recruiter at the end of the interview can evaluate your candidacy for the position. Of course, a positive response does not mean that you definitely will take the job. But you will be remembered as a dedicated and courageous competitor.

  1. Leave confidently

Go with a positive attitude, as if you have been successful. Even if during the interview you made some mistakes, which you know. Try to throw them out of your head. Anyone can catch your feet, say something out of place because of the excitement. But leaving, be sure to smile companion, shake his hand and politely said goodbye.

Also, what will you say during the interview is of great importance, and body language. On the eve learn what gestures and postures will help you make a good impression on the employer, and which, on the contrary, can spoil everything.

You will be assessed on the resume and conduct the interview as a whole, but it is from the end of the conversation, much depends.

We wish that you always get a job, which he dreamed.

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