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TOP 5 Words That Can not be Used in the Summary

You have one chance to impress the recruiter, but your resume – 6 seconds. During this time, HR must ensure compliance of your skills in this position. Convince him concrete facts and not beside typical phrases. Do you want to get a job? Find out how to write a resume step by step. Then in your resume should not be typical and obsolete words.

1. Sociable

And outgoing, easy to find a common language with the team and soul of the company. Delete! If you are a manager, which raised sales by 30%, this fact is enough to evaluate your communication skills.

2. Work on the result

Is it possible to work differently? No one wants to solve the problem meaninglessly. This is not a skill, but an assertion that nothing says the recruiter. Remove or prove.

3. MS Office

Seriously? Cool that you know how to make a PowerPoint presentation, edit Word documents and insert formulas in Excel. Only these skills mastered by every graduate. Everyone knows the alphabet, but nobody does not specify this in the summary.

4. Stress resistance

Are you not afraid that they would feel? And if they will, then read her this materialĀ for you. You send a summary of the company in which you will be comfortable working. Yes, it is a great skill, when you homicide investigator or the rescuer. In other cases – remove.

5. Industrious / diligent

Blah blah blah … I do not tediousness. If you really spend lunchtime at work and finish reports after 6 – sad. The first sign of trouble with time management: you do not fit in the working hours and be constantly tired. Less you!

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